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Test Statistics Definition Online Help

Introduction to Test Statistics Definition Online Help:

Statistics is the formal science of creating well-organized use of mathematical data between the groups of individuals. We can study the statistics with help of online tutors. So the online is very helpful to clarify the doubts. Now we will see the meaning and test questions that help with statistics online tutor.

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Main Definition in Statistics Online Help:

Let see the meaning for the essential concepts in statistics by the online tutor.

Definition of Mean:

Average value of the given set of numbers is said to be mean value.

Definition of Median:

For compute the median value, we first sort the given numbers in an order. After that, if the total numbers are in odd, the median should bethe middle value in sorting order. If the total numbers are in even, the median is equal to the mean of two middle values in sorting order.

Definition of Mode:

The most repeatedly occurring term from the given series is said to be mode.

Definition of Range:

The subtraction of the lowest value from the highest value in given series is called range.

These are the definition for the fundamental concepts of statistics.

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Test Questions Online Help:

Test question 1:

What is the mean value of the following numbers, 50,91,83,60,71,58?

Test question 2:

Calculate the range of the sequence of numbers, 59,64,33,19,42,85.

Test question 3:

Find the mode value of the numbers, 68,11,37,68,52,68.

Test question 4:

What is the median of the numbers, 71,93,86,43,52,18,65.

Test question 5:

Find the range of the group of numbers, 57,62,34,86,71,45.


1.Mean = `(50+91+83+60+71+58)/(6)` = `(413)/(6)` = 68.83

2.From the given numbers, highest value is 85 and lowest value is 19. So, Range = 85 – 19 = 66.

3.In the given numbers, the number ‘68’ is coming three times. So, mode is 68.

4.The sorting order of the numbers is 18,43,52,65,71,86,93. In this middle value is 65. So, median is 65.

5.From the given numbers, highest value is 86 and lowest value is 34. So, Range = 86 – 34 = 52.

That’s all about the test statistics definition online help.