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Introduction to Statistics Solutions Tutor:

 Statistics means that the formal science that are generating learn withthe effective use of arithmetical terms. We are also learning help withthe concepts like mode, median, mean and range. They are help with interpretation and also analysis of the terms. In this article, we are going to learn examples with solutions for statistics tutor.

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Mean and Median in Statistics:


Mean of the given numbers should be equal to the adding up of all the terms and total numbers of terms in the given list. The formula is,

Mean = Average value of the given numbers

Example problem:

Find the mean of the numbers, 19,55,61,28,30,47.


Given numbers are, 19,55,61,28,30,47.

The formula for mean is,

Mean = Average value of the given numbers

Here, the adding up of all the numbers = 19+55+61+28+30+47

                                                         = 240

Total number of given numbers = 6

Therefore, Mean = `(240)/(6)` 

                         = 40

Answer: Mean = 40


For measuring the median value for collection of numbers, we must arrange those numbers in an order.

i) When the total number of terms = Even number


ii) When the total number of terms = Odd number

Median = Middle value of the ordered list.

Example problem:

Find the median of the numbers, 84,30,22,69,47,55.


Given numbers are, 84,30,22,69,47,55.

The ascending order of the given group of numbers is,


Here, total numbers = 6

This 6 should be an even number.

Therefore, Median = `(47+55)/(2)` 

                            = `(102)/(2)` 

                            = 51

Answer: Median = 51

These are the examples with solutions for mean and median by statistics tutor.

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Mode and Range in Statistics:


The mode value of the collection of numbers could be a number that should occur most frequently in the given list.

Example problem:

Find the mode of the numbers, 50,41,68,22,35,41.


Given numbers are,


The ascending order of these numbers = 22,35,41,41,50,68.

Here, the number ‘41’ is coming three times in the group of given numbers.

Therefore, the mode of those collection of numbers = 41

Answer: Mode = 41


The differentiation among the values like largest value and smallest value is said to be range.

Example problem:

Find the range of the numbers, 54,16,58,22,37,10.


Given group of numbers are,


The formula for range is,

Range = Biggest value – Smallest value

Here, Biggest value = 58

Smallest value = 10

Therefore, Range = 58 – 10

                           = 48

Answer: Range = 48

These are the examples with solutions for mode and range by statistics tutor.

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