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Statistics Exam Online Tutoring

Introduction to Statistics Exam Online Tutoring

Statistics is the formal science of creating well-organized use of mathematical data between the groups of individuals. Online tutoring is the most useful for study this concepts. We can study the idea within anhour with the help of online tutoring. Now we will see the example and exam problems for statistics given by online tutoring. 

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Examples for Online Statistics Tutoring

What is the mean, median, mode and range of the following numbers in statistics?



The given numbers are 17,29,34,38,39,45,48.


Mean is the average of the given number. Calculate the average with the help of total value of the given numbers.

Sum of the given numbers are = 17+29+34+38+39+45+48

= 250.

Now 250 is divided by 7 (7 is the total numbers) = `(250)/(7)`

                                                                           = 35.71.


Middle element of the given series is a median.

The number series is 17,29,34,38,39,45,48.

The middle element of the above sequence is 38.

Therefore the median is 38.


The copy value of the given numbers is mode. So mode="Null.


Less the low value from the peak value of the series.

Range =48-17


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Exam Questions

The following questions are used to prepare the exam.

Exam question 1

What is the range of the series? 21,28,34,48,52.

Exam Question 2

Find the median value for the following series. 32,46,48,52,58,64,69.

Exam Question 3

What is the mean of the following numbers? 14,18,25,32,38,43.

Exam Question 4

Calculate the range of the series. 43,48,26,53,56,86.


1. Less the low value from the peak value of the series.



2. Median is the center element of the series. Therefore median="52.

3. Average of the given number series is the mean.

   Mean = `(14+18+25+32+38+43)/(5)` =`170/(5)` =34.

4. Range="86-26=60.

These are the examples and exam problems of the statistics given by online tutoring.