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Ravens Matrices

Introduction to Ravens matrices:

Ravens Progressive Matrices (often referred to simply as Raven's Matrices) are multiple choice tests of abstract reasoning, originally developed by Dr John C. Raven in 1936. In each test item, a candidate is asked to identify the missing segment required to complete a larger pattern. Many items are presented in the form of a 3x3 or 2x2 matrix, giving the test its name.(Source : WIKIPEDIA)

For example consider the following figure,


Fig(i) Example for Ravens matrix

In the above figure we need to find the missing one or next item in the matrix.

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Different types of Ravens matrices tests:

There are three different types of raven’s matrices.

  • Standard Progressive Matrices

  • Colored Progressive Matrices

  • Advanced Progressive Matrices

Standard Progressive Matrices:

The ravens standard progressive matrices was first published in 1983 and this is the original form of the matrices. This book contains five sets of questions with 12 items. In the each set the items increases thedifficulty. To answer these questions we need more cognitive capacity .In this book, all the items are in black color with white background.

Colored Progressive Matrices:

The next step of ravens matrices is the colored matrices which is designed for children and Younger’s .This test contains set A and set B from the standard matrices and it includes 12 more items between the twosets A and B. This set is named as Ab. Most important thing is the matrices have colored background.

Advance Progressive Matrices:

This test is conducted for Adults and adolescents whose are having highintelligence.This test contains 48 items. Set I contains 12 items and set II contains 36 items. All the matrices are black with white background.

These ravens matrices tests are used to check the general intelligence and ability of clear thinking.

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Sample Ravens matrices test:

1.Choose the missing item for the following figure,


2.Choose the correct one for the following figure


3.Find the missing part of the following figure

4.Find the missing part of the figure,


5.Find the missing part


Answer Key: