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Learning About Bar Graphs

Introduction for learning bar graphs:

In pictograph, we use images to represent data. For example the picturesigns are representing dissimilar numbers. This way of representing numerical data is time uncontrollable and it is complicated to compare two items. Instead of pictures and signs, it is better to use bars. Thistype of demonstration is called bar diagram or bar graph.

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Learning Steps to draw a bar graphs:

Draw the bar graphs for the following table

Name of animalsLionElephantDearWhite footed antelopeBear
Number of animals    2    8
  14               16  10



                           L - Lion

                           E - Elephant

                           D- Dear

                           W - White footed antelope

                           B - Bear


Step: 1

             •First we obtain a paper sketch the parallel line at the bottom of thepaper it is called x axis. While sketch the parallel line leave sufficient space for scale select, draw another line vertical to the parallel line. It is called y axis.

Step: 2

             •Along the parallel axis, we spot the information ‘number of animals’ and beside perpendicular axis, we spot the equivalent other information namely ‘name of the animals’

Types of bar graph:

             The three types of bar graphs are,

             •Simple bar graph

             •Divided bar graph

             •Double bar graph

Learning Advantages of bar graphs:

Learning advantages of bar graphs includes:

  • simple to set up
  • Simply understand by every one.
  • It shows the entirety map in contact form.
  • Superior message tool
  • Attractive and efficiently constructed diagrams/charts are more striking then easy information
  • Association can be ready easy and it will keep time of the user to create quick comparison of large data.
  • The main compensation of bar graphs is we can certification comparisons between stuff.
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Learning Dis advantages of Bar graphs: 

The following are the few dis advantages of bar graphs,

  • The distinguished disadvantages of bar graphs is , It do not demonstrate interrelationships among behavior.
  • Organization/ supervising projects becomes complicated without those associations between activities
  • It is complicated to estimate the impact of an unanticipated event on the rest of the structure process.