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Introduction To The Practice Of Statistics

 Introduction of the statistics should be the formal science that of generating the efficient usage in numerical terms. These are having the introduction of median, mean, range and mode. This introduction can alsohave interpretation and analysis of the numerical terms. In this article we are going to learn about example and practice problems with the introduction of statistics.

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Example problems for statistics:

Here we are going to learn few example problems in statistics.

Example 1:

Find the mode of the numbers 2,6,5,1,2,8,9,2.


Given numbers are, 2,6,5,1,2,8,9,2.

Ascending order of numbers = 1,2,2,2,5,6,8,9

Here, The number '2' is occurring 3 times.

So, Mode value of the given numbers is 2.

           Mode = 2

Example 2:

What is the median of the given series?



Given series is, 94,42,61,58,39

The sorting list of given series is, 39,42,58,61,94

Here, total numbers = 5. This is the odd number.

Therefore, Median = Middle value in sorted list

                            = 58

Example 3:

Find the range of the numbers 57,3,61,23,85.


Given numbers are, 57,3,61,23,85.

The largest number = 85

The smallest number = 3

Thus, Range = Largest number - Smallest number

                   = 85 - 3

                   = 82

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Few more problems for statistics:

Example 4:

The weights of 6 students in a class are, 45,58,47,51,39,55. Find the mean of the marks?


Given weights of 6 students in class are,


The formula for finding mean is,

Sum of all the marks = 45+58+47+51+39+55

                               = 295

Total number of students = 6

Therefore, mean = `(295)/(6)` 

                         = 49.17

Example 5:

What is the median of the given numbers, 87,12,19,28,47,36,44,50.


Given, data sets are, 87,12,19,28,47,36,44,50

First step is finding the sorting list of numbers. That is, 12,19,28,36,44,47,50,87

Here, total numbers is even = 8

So, Median = `(m_(1)+m_(2))/(2)`

Here, m1 and m2 are the two middle terms = 36 and 44

Therefore, Median = `(36+44)/(2)` 

                            = `(80)/(2)`

                            = 40

Practice problems:

Practice problem 1:

Find the mean of the numbers 13,21,9,8,55

Answer: 21.2

Practice problem 2:

Find the range of the numbers 95,41,13,74,62,15.

Answer: 82

Practice problem 3:

Find the median of the numbers 71,55,64,98,23

Answer: 64

That's all about introduction to the practice of statistics.