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Histogram Equalization

Introduction to image histogram equalization:

Ahistogram equalization is showing likes as graphical display along withthe tabular frequencies, looks like adjacent rectangles. Each rectangleis placed within an interval, inside area equivalent of the  frequency.The height of each rectangle can be equivalent to the interval’s frequency density , the frequency separated from the breadth of the interval. The total area of the histogram is the same in the direction of on number of data. This is known as histogram equalization.    

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Image histogram equalization:

Let us see about image histogram equalization,

  • Histogram equalization is a process of image dealing the difference modification by means of the image's histogram.
  • Histogram equalization is a procedure that permit us to develop the contrast of images like narrow histograms.
  • Everyone rectangle is placed along an  interval, which is placed  inside area and that is  equivalent of the  frequency of the interval.
  • Here the histogram of Ph versus frequency given below,


  • Histogram equalization made by successfully dispersion out the most common intensity values.
  • The method is valuable in image to the  backgrounds and foregrounds which are both bright or both dark.
  • While the histogram equalization function is known, then the original histogram can be recovered.
  • The calculation is not computationally intensive.
  • A drawback of the technique is that it is random.
  • It may enlarge the contrast of background noise, while lessening the exploitable signal.
  • Histogram equalization is one of the histogram remapping process.
  • These methods look for to regulate the image to make it easier to examine or get better chart excellence.
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Methods to drawing histogram:

Steps for drawing histogram equalization and image

  • Step 1 : When  the given frequency distribution  is placed in the form of comprehensive,then we have to convert  this onto form of  an exclusive.
  • Step 2 : We have to take a suitable scales, note down  an intervals along  horizontal axis and frequencies on vertical  axis. 
  • Step 3: Take scales chosen for both the X and Y axis that will be need not be the same.
  • Step 4 : Make and plot rectangles in the intervals as bases and the matching frequencies  like as heights.