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Fraction Of A Penny

Introduction to fraction of penny:

Penny is a coin (currency) which is mostly used in English speaking countries especially in U.S. Pennies come into view to have been in use as the fit use of casted coinage. The value of one penny is also equal to one cent .The following images shows one penny coin


     In this article we shall discuss the fraction of penny.

Fraction of penny:

In order to study the fraction of penny we need to know the values of U.S currencies.

The values of U.S currencies are as follows:

  • Penny – value 1 cent.

  • Nickel – value 5 cants.

  • Dime – value 10 cents.

  • Quarter – value 25 cents.

  • Half dollar- value 50 cents.

Dollar – value 100 cents = $1.

Fraction of penny within U.S currencies:

  • Fraction of penny and a dollar is `1/100 ` = 0.01.

  • Fraction of penny and a half dollar is `1/50` = 0.02.

  • Fraction of penny and a quarter is `1/25` =0.04.

  • Fraction of penny and a dime is `1/10` =0.1.

  • Fraction of penny and a nickel is `1/5` =0.2.

  • Fraction of penny and a penny is `1/1` = 1.

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Example problems- Fraction of penny:

Example 1:

The true discount on a bill of 450 penny is 90 penny. The banker's discount or reduction is:


P.W. = (450 - 90) = 360.

S.I. on 450 = 90.

S.I. on 450 = `(90/360)*450` = 125

Therefore bankers discount = 108 pennies.

Example 2:

Find the fraction of a penny and a dollar.


We know that one penny is equal to one cent.

And one dollar is equal to 100 cents.

We have to find the fraction of penny and a dollar.

Therefore the fraction of penny and a dollar = `(1cent)/(100 cents).`

                                                                       = `(1/100)` penny.

                                                                       = 0.01 penny.

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Example 3:

What fraction of dime is a penny? Explain.


We know that one dime is equal to 10 cents or 10 pennies.

Therefore fraction of dime and a penny is `1/10` penny.

So, `(1/10)` fraction of dime is a penny.